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You already know that setting up a website and sending the dreaded “visit my website” text to a few people, or everyone you know, isn’t what’s going to make you an overnight sensation. Right?

So, since that’s not your strategy, what are you doing to get people to visit your website and pay attention to your business?

What’s the right way to get people to visit my website?

If you’re struggling to grow your following or having a hard time getting people to share your information, you could be sharing your information with the wrong groups of people—which is costing you time and effort.

And maybe money.

You want to build connections with people who have an interest in what you offernot just any person who has a pulse.

I could point you towards a few techniques that could get you a bunch of followers and grow your audience quickly, but that won’t necessarily help you make sales. It’s important that you focus your efforts on the right people and that you learn how to go from introduction to sale.

It’s not time for that yet, but I’ll say this:

If you’ve ever gotten a job that you had to apply for, you’ve probably already learned the first step to making a sale. If you’ve never applied for a job, I’m sure you’ll be able to pick up the right techniques easily, if you pay attention.

But, before sales techniques, let’s talk more about finding the right people.

How do I figure out who the right people are?

Let’s say you sell private basketball lessons. You could offer your lessons to just about anyone you can communicate with who’s physically able to play basketball. However, not everyone in that group of people will want to learn to play. Not everyone will want to pay to learn. Not everyone who wants to learn will be interested in learning right now.

You need to know what kind of person is most likely to want to pay for private lessons and what makes them decide to look for lessons. If you learn this, you’ll can reach that person at the point that they’re ready to pay someone.

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And, if you know where they’re looking, you can get them to pay attention to your business—and ignore everyone else.

How do I get traffic to my website - Side Hustle Business School

So how do I use this to get people to visit my website?

Side Hustle Business School’s three guided learning tracks (the Freelancer Track, the Content Creator Track, and the Product Seller Track) each have lessons on getting people to pay attention to your side hustle. These lessons cover areas like branding and marketing and even show you tools that you can use to raise awareness, without burning a lot of time. Start these lessons here.

The Content Creator Track and the Product Seller Track also have lessons on how to expand your reach and how you can get traffic to your new site when you’re just getting started.

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