Here at Side Hustle Business School, we think that starting and growing a side hustle should be easy and affordable—which is why we’re really excited to be announcing our Seven Day Side Hustle Cleanse!

If you’re thinking about subscribing to Side Hustle Business School, but aren’t sure if you’re ready, the Seven Day Side Hustle Cleanse is the perfect primer!

Side Hustle Cleanse

What’s a side hustle cleanse? It’s like a reset button that upgrades your side hustle.

If your side hustle is something you kinda-sorta use to make money sometimes, but you’d like to really get serious about it, this is a great chance for you to get organized, confident, and paid.

Our Founder, Naya the Creative, will be walking you through each day of the cleanse, which is great for you because Naya’s really good at helping people clarify and simplify achieving their goals.

Each day of the cleanse will be sent straight to your email inbox. In each email, you’ll get a lesson on how to clean up a part of your side hustle and you’ll also get (at least) one worksheet that will help you put that lesson into action.

Oh, and just so you know, the Seven Day Side Hustle Cleanse is free!

Here’s what you’ll find in each day of the Seven Day Side Hustle Cleanse


Side Hustle Cleanse Day 1 Pinterest Graphic

Day 1: Creating a Vision For Your Side Hustle

Day 1 is going to help to visualize the business you’d like for your side hustle to grow into. This step is going to lay a strong foundation for the rest of the cleanse—don’t skip it!
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Day 2: Using Your Experience to Grow Your Side Hustle

You’re probably way more skilled at your side hustle than you think you are. Day 2 is going to help you use your previous experiences to prepare you for conversations with potential clients.
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Day 3: Making Space for Your Side Hustle

Everything in your life has a place in your life—your side hustle needs space too. It needs a location and mental space and space in your day. Day 3 will help you figure out how to create the space you need without changing your life up. This part of the cleanse is super helpful for getting organized.
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Day 4: Identifying Opportunities to Win With Your Side Hustle

Your side hustle has competitors—there’s no doubt about that. But your competitors don’t have what makes you special. Day 4 will help you leverage what’s special about you and how you can use it to win potential clients.
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Side Hustle Cleanse Day 5 Pinterest Graphic

Day 5: Clarifying Your Services So Clients Will Hire You

We’re really excited about Day 5! One of the hardest part about turning potential clients into clients is not being clear about how much your services are actually going to cost and what clients are going to get for their money. Day 5 breaks this down in such a clear and simple way, you’ll seriously wonder why you weren’t thinking this way the whole time.
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Side Hustle Cleanse Day 6 Pinterest Graphic

Day 6: Naming and Pricing Your Services

Day 6 builds on Day 5 in a major way. After you’ve soaked up all that clarity you’re going to get on Day 5, Day 6 shows you how to put all of that into motion to create a menu of services that people can’t wait to buy.
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Side Hustle Cleanse Day 7 Pinterest Graphic

Day 7: Creating a Pitch That People Love Hearing

Day 7 helps you turn everything you’ve been working on into a pitch that you’ll learn to deliver so casually that people don’t even feel like you’re pitching to them—and will probably ask for more. You are probably your side hustle’s main source of advertisement, so learning how to pitch like this is absolutely invaluable. It’s a perfect way to close out the Seven Day Side Hustle Cleanse.
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In just seven days you’ll be able to whip your side hustle into shape and turn it back into the money making machine it should have always been. And, if it doesn’t work out, we’ll give you your money back.

Just kidding—we’re confident it’ll work.

Once you’ve started working through the cleanse, leave us a comment and let us know what your favorite day of the cleanse is!

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