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  • Who is my target audience?
  • How do I brand my platform?
  • How do I start a website?
  • How do I get traffic?
  • What goes in a Media Kit?
  • How do I reach out to potential sponsors?
  • Will I need contracts?
  • How do I accept payments?

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Side Hustle Business School Freelancer Track

Freelancer Track

This track is best for designers, consultants, writers, planners & others who charge by the hour/word/pixel—maybe, not pixel—and want to learn to charge their worth and keep happy relationships with clients.

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Side Hustle Business School Content Creator Track

Content Creator Track

This track is best for bloggers, vloggers, performers who share content online, and other folks who do it for the culture and want to learn to build a platform & create the right content for the right people.

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Side Hustle Business School Product Seller Track

Product Seller Track

This track is best for handicraft makers, digital product sellers, re-sellers, t-shirt pushers, and cupcake masters alike who want to learn how to set the right prices and bring in the cash they want.

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