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The online course for creatives who want to get paid

Side Hustle Business School shows you the easy way to turn your creative idea into a product or service that you can quit your job to pursue.

You're too talented to do work you don't love just to pay the bills. Get the tools you need to be your own boss.

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Side Hustle Business School will help you create for money, on your terms.

Learn how to:​

  • Turn your skills into something people can actually buy
  • Talk to potential clients and customers so that they buy from you (and not someone else)
  • Reach your dream audience on social media (even if you’re a super shy, really private introvert)
  • Set your rates and prices so you get paid what you want (without having to “pay your dues”)
  • Build a brand that other brands want to partner with
  • Create like a boss and not like an employee
  • Use one craft to make multiple streams of income
  • Decide when it’s time to quit your job for your side hustle
  • Build your business into your existing life
  • Start making passive income as a creative

Join tons of other creatives

Side Hustle Business School has proven to be an excellent starting point for creatives who are passionate about what they do, but don’t know how to turn their ideas into a sustainable income. You’ll be following in the footsteps of painters, filmmakers, designers, writers, musicians, bloggers, and even community organizers who are off sharing their special gifts with the world!

Who is this course best for?

  • Artists, writers, musicians, performers, creatives—basically anyone with creative / artsy skills
  • Technical creatives, like web designers and developers
  • People who make things by hand or from scratch
  • People with a creative way of doing not-exactly-creative things
  • People with big ideas who don’t know how to bring it all together and turn it into a business

Side Hustle Business School helps you hit the ground running!

Get worksheets that will help you organize your creative business and templates you can use immediately to:

  • Pitch and work with brands
  • Professionally pitch your services to clients
  • Enter into agreements with clients and/or partners
  • …and more!

Our guided learning tracks were created by creatives, for creatives. Learn to use your craft to get paid multiple ways! #MultipleStreamsOfIncomeAnyone?

Side Hustle Business School Freelancer Track

Freelancer Track

Designers, consultants, writers, planners & others who charge by the hour/word/pixel—OK, maybe not pixel—and want to have great clients and charge premium prices should get on this track.

Side Hustle Business School Content Creator Track

Content Creator Track

Bloggers, vloggers, podcasters, performers who share content online, and other folks who want to build a platform, a following, and create content that people love and share should start here.

Side Hustle Business School Product Seller Track

Product Seller Track

This track is best for people who make and sell crafts, digital products, t-shirts, cupcakes—whatever—who want to learn the key to success at selling products that people love buying.

Get all three tracks for one price!

I get it. You're an artist—and you're sensitive about your ish. You want to get this right, the first time.

What’s great about Side Hustle Business School is it was created by creatives, for creatives. You’re getting solutions to the challenges that keep creatives from making money. Some of these solutions will change your mindset about how you should charge for your time. Some of these solutions will help you use less effort to get more money. A lot of these solutions will strengthen your brand and help you see amazing growth in a matter of weeks (yes, I’m dead serious)! 

The point: if you're a creative and you want to create your own income, this is the program for you.

Side Hustle Business School doesn’t just teach you about business. It teaches you how to make your business successful.

Creatives have endless opportunities to make a living with their creativity, but it won't happen if you don't know how to treat your craft like a business. This course will help you level up in the key areas that will make your creative business shine:

Building a Kick-Ass Product

Create a product or service that people will pay for.
Then make it incredible. You’ll learn how to create products that have the “it” factor that makes choose your product over everyone else's. Most people don’t understand this life-changing concept when they’re starting a business and, as you know, most businesses fail.

Genius Level Marketing

Find a place for yourself in the market. Then delete the competition.
Marketing is way more than just throwing a few ads out there and hoping you get a few sales. You’ll learn about marketing techniques that bring you dream results!

Savvy Website Management

Learn to use one of your business’s most powerful tools in creating awareness and driving sales.
Having a website isn’t enough to make sales. You’ll learn how to use your website to attract an audience so that you’re not frustrated and confused about why you’re not making sales.

Getting the Right Customers to Pay You

Learn to close the deal on the right sales.
At first, you’ll be happy to get any client or customer you can. But after you get used to making money regularly, you’ll want to make the best sales you can—sales to customers and clients who make life easier for you and that don’t require a lot of your time. You’ll learn the strategy that helps you make the most of your time when bringing in sales and nurturing your relationship with clients and customers.

Boss Level Branding

Learn to create and refine a brand that earns the trust of your buyers.
With the help of Brand Therapist, Naya the Creative, you’ll learn what makes customers and clients trust your brand and choose you instead of your competition. Without a strong, consistent brand, your audience is likely to choose your competitors instead of choosing you.

Winning With Social Media

Build a strategy and leverage powerful tools your customers already use.
You customers are probably on social media, but they can’t find you! Your personal social channels may not be enough to reach the people who want to hire and pay you. We’ll go through techniques that help you reach your target audience so that they start falling in love with your brand.

Think Like a Boss—Not an Employee

You’re done with the rat race. It’s time to think differently.
Strictly using a 9-5 / follow the crowd mentality will keep you from winning at the life you want. It’s not how bosses and CEOs think. It’s not how any successful person thinks. Changing your life starts with a change in your mind. You’ll learn to look at your network, your income, and your time in a way that guarantees your success.

Start the course and get all three learning tracks now!

Meet Your Instructor

Naya the Creative

Naya the Creative

Brand Therapist & Founder of Side Hustle Business School

I’m Naya! I’ve run several successful side hustles since I was a kid. I turned a few of them into full-time businesses.

I have a strong background in digital production, web design/development, advertising, branding, and sales. I use my experience to help micro-entrepreneurs (side hustlers), freelancers, small business owners, multi-passionate creatives and startup CEOs create meaningful products & services and develop strong, honest brands that connect with audiences and make sales.

You can learn all about me at NayatheCreative.com

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