What's a platform and how do I build one

Having a platform is a great start for bringing attention to your cause and making a name for yourself online or offline.

But what is a platform? And do you have to build one from scratch?

What is a platform?

Your platform is built on a combination of your values, goals, mission, and everything else that makes you put effort into your project, business, or side hustle. In order for it to be effective, you’ll need a place where people can get to know you and what you have to offer and, sometimes, buy from you.

Why do I need a platform?

We like to double-check things before we commit. You can try to convince people who you’re serious about something just by saying you are, but it’s a lot more convincing if people have a way to validate that you’re committed to that thing. Having a strong platform not only helps to elevate your cause or mission, but it also demonstrates the work you’re willing to put in to it.

Is a platform really necessary?

Platforms help to bring attention to what you’re doing. A political office is a platform, as is a talk show. There are probably some existing platforms that you can use to help you advance your mission, but if you’re creating something new for yourself, you might have to build one yourself.

If you’re starting any kind of money-making venture, then you’ll probably have to build your own platform—if you don’t want to share your profits.

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Start building your platform

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