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If you’re starting any kind of business—anything with the aim of making money or growing a fan base—you’re going to need to know who your target audience is.

Why do I need to know who my target audience is?

Well, there are several reasons.

One really important reason: you’ll save time, money, and effort on your marketing.

If you know about the kind of person who benefits most from whatever you’re creating, you’ll be able to reach them more easily, and spend less money trying to find them.

Side Hustle Business School is all about making money while spending very little money.

What happens if I don’t get my target audience quite right?

If you don’t figure out who your target audience is early, you might waste years promoting to people who aren’t interested in your great idea—which doesn’t make sense because your idea is actually great.

Truth is, the issue probably isn’t your idea. You just might be barking up the wrong trees.

Read: you’re talking to the wrong audience and need to find the right audience—people willing to pay you.

Wouldn’t it be seriously frustrating to give up on your idea because you think no one wants it, only to find out that there’s a community of people looking for what you have, but you just couldn’t find each other?

*cue sad violins*

Yeah. That’s preventable though.

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There’s a lesson for that

In the lesson, “Who is My Target Audience?”, you’ll learn how to find your target audience, what information you need from them, how to challenge your assumptions so that you make smarter decisions, and how to use this information to develop your product and start making sales.

Where can I find this lesson?

Side Hustle Business School Free Trial

This lesson is available on Side Hustle Business School’s Freelancer Track, Content Creator Track, and Product Seller Track. You can get started with Side Hustle Business School here.


This lesson comes with a downloadable worksheet to help you organize your thoughts and an example worksheet, already completed, to show you what to aim for.


After you finish this lesson, there’s a master class (at no extra cost) on developing a complete target profile and a case study that outlines how to use this information to sell to your target audience—fast!

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