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Side Hustle Business School is an online course filled with lessons to get you started in the early stages of entrepreneurship.

The course is broken into three guided learning tracks that will teach you the things you need to know—in an order that makes sense.

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Each guided learning track has been designed to answer your specific questions around how to turn your idea into income.

Side Hustle Business School Content Creator Track

Content Creator Track

Learn how to set up your platform & create the right content for your people.

This track is best for bloggers, vloggers, performers who share content online, and other folks who do it for the culture.

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Side Hustle Business School Freelancer Track

Freelancer Track

Learn all about charging your worth and keeping happy relationships with clients.

This track is best for designers, consultants, writers, planners & others who charge by the hour/word/pixel—ok, not pixel.

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Side Hustle Business School Product Seller Track

Product Seller Track

Learn how to set the right prices and bring in the cash you want.

This track is best for handicraft makers, digital product sellers, re-sellers, t-shirt pushers, and cupcake masters alike.

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Side Hustle Business School

Get answers to questions you’ve been afraid of

Do I need to have my clients sign a contract? How do I get people to buy my product or service? Can I put all of my projects on one website? How do I build a brand? Get the answers to all of those and many more.

The lessons in Side Hustle Business School answer real questions that real side hustlers struggle with everyday.

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Side Hustle Business School will show you how to turn your idea into a stream of income before you break up with your day job.

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