What Exactly is Side Hustle Business School?


Side Hustle Business School’s $35 a month online program teaches you to turn your idea into a product or service that makes money. It’s an affordable foundation in building a business for those that don’t have a formal business background, but do have passion and skills.

You can work on Side Hustle Business School on your time, on your terms, 24/7. Most of the lessons in Side Hustle Business School are in video format, but there are some written lessons and downloadable PDFs to help you develop your side hustle into a business. You can access lessons on your computer, on your phone, or on your tablet.

Naya the Creative, Founder of Side Hustle Business School

Meet the Founder

Naya the Creative is a Brand Therapist with a background in digital media and a deeper background in flipping ideas into dollars.

Naya created Side Hustle Business School to teach skills and concepts that make entrepreneurship more accessible and attainable to people of all financial and educational backgrounds.

She found that both women and people with strong creative backgrounds struggle to turn their ideas and skills into viable business propositions. Side Hustle Business School is just one way that Naya works to empower women and creatives to profit from that which they are already good at.


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