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Do I need to speak differently online and offline?

New entrepreneurs as me this all the time.

On one hand, you want your customers to see you as a professional that they can trust—a professional who seems just like “the big guys”. On the other hand, you don’t want to come off as fake or pretend to be someone you’re not.

So you get stuck in this back and forth battle between wanting to be yourself, but also being afraid that “yourself” isn’t professional enough. You just can’t seem to find a solution you feel good about.

A “happy medium” seems out of the question.

Where’s the balance?

The trick to finding that balance is having a strong understanding of the kind of person you’re talking to and clear knowledge of how to connect with them.

It’s really hard to do this if you don’t know much about your audience. There are ways to be a real human being in business, but it’s almost impossible to get right if you don’t know who you’re talking to.

It’s even harder to get this right if you’re not comfortable sharing parts of yourself publicly—not because you need to share everything, but because you won’t know what to (and not to) share.

How do I decide if I need to speak differently online and offline?

Once you’re clear on who you are and who your audience is (and expects you to be), you should have enough information to develop a voice that works both online and offline. You can still choose to speak differently online and offline, as there might be parts of your audience who you speak to online, but never engage in person.

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But…this can make more work for you. The ideal is to develop one voice that works everywhere you go.

Should I speak differently online and offline - Side Hustle Business School

How do I find my voice online and offline?

If you’re struggling with finding an appropriate voice online and offline and wish you had a solution already, you should check out “Should I Behave Differently Online and Offline?”, available on each of Side Hustle Business School’s three guided learning tracks (the Freelancer Track, the Content Creator Track, and the Product Seller Track).

In the lessons that follow, you’ll learn how to increase your reach (the amount of people seeing your message) and how to get more traffic to your website.

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