Do you know why Black Friday is called Black Friday?

I’ve heard several stories about where the name Black Friday came from. I’ve even heard that it has to do with the heavy traffic in Philly on the day after Thanksgiving.

I can’t say whether or not that’s where the term came from, but I know it’s not why we still use the title today.

The answer is pretty simple really.

But first, you need to know the difference between black and red.

And I don’t mean the actual colors—I’m talking that financial talk.

When you’re in the red, you’re spending or losing a money.

When you’re in the black, you’re making money.

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Traditionally this is because bookkeepers would write their outgoing business expenses in red and their incoming money (the good stuff) in black.

On Black Friday, consumers spend so much money that they put companies “in the black”.

Why am I giving you this little history lesson?

Because I’m willing to bet that today, you’re only being a consumer.

You’re getting a great deal on something and you feel like you’re saving money.

But, technically, spending is red. Earning is black.

So who wins today? The companies, or you?

Yes, I know, as a consumer, you’re getting great deals and discounts—but you’re still the one spending money. Not making money.

As a business owner, you could be making money today. Today could actually be Black Friday for you.

Right now, you’re actually celebrating “Red” Friday.

Here’s a little advice. Whatever you decide to go out and buy yourself today (no shame in that) make sure you get a little something to help yourself with your business goals.

It could be a camera to help your photography business or a new netbook or tablet to help you stay consistent with your writing and social media or it could be a course that shows you how to turn your skills into a business (shameless plug: grab my course, Side Hustle Business School).

Whatever you decide, get yourself something so that you make sure that this is your last Red Friday—your last day-after-Thanksgiving that you only spend money and don’t make money—and get into the true spirit of Black Friday. Ca-ching!

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You can become a money maker, too.

You got this.

Happy Black Friday,
– Naya

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