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Payments usually come in three forms: cash, check, or credit.

If you’re selling online, you want to be set up to take online payments via credit (or debit). Otherwise, you’ll have to wait for a check in the mail and then wait for that check to clear.

That might be a long wait.

How do I collect online payments?

There are several payment processors that can collect your money online for you. Some have transaction fees, but processors some have ways to avoid those fees. There are even some tools designed to help you take online payments for specific kinds of sales, like event sales.

If you’re planning to sell subscriptions, as in charge people on a recurring basis, you want to make sure your payment processor does that as well. And if you’re into discounts, you need to find a service that allows for coupon codes.

You can check out a few with a quick online search, however the results might get overwhelming (we have a list for you in Side Hustle Business School).

Before you start looking anywhere, make a list of the things you want your payment processor to do, then see what’s available to you.

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If you’re not sure which tools to use or how to go about dealing with transaction fees, Side Hustle Business School‘s three guided learning tracks (the Freelancer Track, the Content Creator Track, and the Product Seller Track) have lessons that will help you make these decisions.

Once you figure out which tools to use, you’ll also need to make decisions about how to interact with you client when you’re accepting payment from them. The moment that the transaction happens is critical because this may be one of the few times you have your client or customer’s undivided attention.

You can use this time wisely.

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