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How do I connect with potential partners, sponsors, or clients? 

Good question!

Any person who can help your side hustle grow, whether that person is a potential client, fellow bloggers in a similar niche, or dream sponsor, is probably not going to know you unless you to make the first move.

So what’s the best step to take?

Sending a pitch? Writing a thorough proposal? A quick slide into the DMs?

All of the above?

It could be all. Or it could be none.

Where do I start?

First, you need to learn a few things about the person you’re reaching out to. In fact, sometimes they’ll even tell you how they’d like for you to reach out to them.

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Check out their contact page, if they have one, or see how they engage with people on social media.

It may be as simple as reaching out and saying hi, introducing yourself, and letting them get back to you.

Sometimes you’ll need to reach out  more formally and write a full letter.

Other times, you’ll have to reach out on every channel you can find until they get back to you—but don’t take that route lightly.

However, once you figure out the right channel, you have something else to figure out…

What exactly should you be saying? When is the best time to say it?

And how do you turn this into a connection?

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Anyone can reach out, but not everyone can connect.

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So, how do I connect with potential partners?

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