This one is for my social butterflies.

Now if you’ve never heard the term social butterfly before, I like to describe it as a person who speaks to, and gets to know, everyone. They’re that friend who you go to the party with—but then you lose at the party—because they’re busy talking to everybody.

You know, that one friend who, every time you go somewhere, s/he wanders off and talks to a bunch of people and makes like 25 friends. Then comes back at the end of the party like, “okay, you ready to go?”—as if you weren’t ready to go watch home and watch Netflix two hours ago.

You don’t know that friend? Then you are probably that friend.

Side Hustle Ideas for Social Butterflies

And if you’re that friend, you’re probably great at networking, connecting people, and even bringing introverts out of their shells. You might be the life of the party who also knows everyone there is to know. If that’s you, there are quite a few side hustle opportunities for you.

So, lets discuss a few of them.

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Side Hustle Ideas for Social Butterflies

Networking Facilitator

The title is a little formal, but go with it. As a networking facilitator you can be the person who creates events and opportunities for other people to network with one another. Because you know so many people, you’d be great to create events where people who really should connect actually get the chance to meet. And, because you’re so well connected, it wouldn’t be hard to charge a small entry fee into these networking events.

Networking Coach

As a networking coach, you’d coach people on how to successfully get through a networking event. “Successfully” is relative to your client’s goals.

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Let’s say your client is looking for a new job at a particular company, and the company is having a meet and greet. You would coach them, beforehand, to help them make the right connections and to feel comfortable while mingling.

This is a really valuable skill, so if you’re good at networking, you might have a serious money-maker on your hands.

Some of your clients may be comfortable with talking to strangers, but aren’t comfortable talking to complete strangers who they want something from. They might just need you to walk them through the event, highlighting who they should be speaking to, what they should be talking about—specifically—and what they shouldn’t talk about, and how they should follow up afterwards.

So, if you’re a good networker, you can help clients through those events—even if you’re not there with them.

Matchmaking Party Host

If you like parties or get togethers, this could easily be your thing. You can even create a niche and host parties specifically around people getting to know each other. You could create parties that specifically help people find a new bae or meet new friends.

Unlike the average party planner, your edge is your network and your ability to connect with lots of people. Rather than just planning the party, you’ll be working the room to help people make connections.

And, if you don’t like party planning, you might want to connect with a party planner so that you can focus on the social aspect of the party. Sounds like a business partnership to me!

Fundraising Wingman/Wingwoman

Fundraising is a great opportunity for social butterflies. Fundraisers need to be really good at making connections with people in a position to donate generously. You might already have some connections who fit the bill.

But, even if you’re not working exclusively with people who need, or have, lots of money, you might know people who care enough about a cause to donate services or time to help with the cause. So, if you know people who care about this cause, and have some way to support the cause, you’re in a unique position to make connections that can benefit a lot of people.

Make sure that the person who’s raising the funds knows that your services have just become a line item in the budget.

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And to think, we grew up being told that we shouldn’t talk to strangers!

Are you a social butterfly with a side hustle that fits your personality? Tell us all about it in the comments!



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