What is a point of sale graphic

Simple answer: the point of sale is the place where a customer or client pays for products.

Checkout lanes, ticket booth, “buy now” pages on websites—all points of sale.

Point of Sale in a non-physical space

If you’re a freelancer, your point of sale might be less of a place and more of a time.

Meaning, the point at which you’re paid for your service might be during a particular phase of your project and may not have to happen at a particular place.

You might be paid by check, cash, bank transfer, etc. And, depending on your setup, you might have multiple point of sale options for different clients.

Why is this important?

Only a few of the people you reach with your marketing are actually going to buy from you. You want to learn as much as you can about them. When they’re handing you their money is the right time to get the information you need.

In a nutshell, selling helps you refine your marketing for the next sale.


Point of Sale- Side Hustle Business School

How can I learn more?

All three of Side Hustle Business School’s guided learning tracks (the Freelancer Track, the Content Creator Track, and the Product Seller Track) have an entire section on establishing your point of sale, accepting payments from customers and clients, and using your results to create more effective marketing strategies.

You can take a peek at those lessons in Side Hustle Business School’s free trial here.

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