What's a mission statement and why do I need one graphic

Why are you launching your project, business, or side hustle? And what are you going to do with it after you’ve launched?

How do you write your mission statement so that it’s effective?

…and how can you tell if it’s effective?

What does a mission statement do?

A mission statement is like a tiny manifesto of why your business exists and what it exists to do. But, don’t get it twisted, even though mission statements go in business plans, a mission statement isn’t only for business. You can have a mission statement for a new career, a personal project, and—of course—a side hustle.

I highly recommend mission statements for side hustles.

A mission statement can help you stay clear about, and clearly communicate, what you’re doing and why you’re doing it (aka your mission). And, trust me, when you’re just getting started in entrepreneurship, it’s easy to get lost and distracted.

Is it a big deal if I don’t have a mission statement?

Without a mission statement, you should expect to get lost. You should expect to do work that doesn’t serve the purpose you want to serve. You should expect for things in your business to not “feel right”.

Obviously, I don’t want that for you.

When you’re not committed to a specific mission, it’s easy to change directions when you shouldn’t. That might be fine for you if you’re testing the waters to see what works. But, if you have a goal and are passionate about improving life for a specific group of people (i.e. your target audience), then it’s probably not a good idea to float around and not keep your mission at the front of your mind.

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Seriously, write it down and read it every day if you need to.

What's a mission statement and why do I need one - Side Hustle Business School

How do I write a mission statement?

Each of Side Hustle Business School’s learning tracks (Freelancer Track, Content Creator Track, Product Seller Track) has a lesson on writing mission statements. The “How Do I Write a Mission Statement?” lesson shows you how writing a crystal clear mission statement can help you get the kind of customers you want and even how you can use your mission statement to charge higher prices!


Where can I find this lesson?

This lesson is available on Side Hustle Business School’s Freelancer Track, Content Creator Track, and Product Seller Track. You can get started with Side Hustle Business School here.

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