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Let me start this by saying that I am not a lawyer, nor do I play one on TV. This is not legal advice.

Got it? Cool.

Having a side hustle is supposed to be simpler than having a small business. So when people start pulling out contracts, things can get a little tense (particularly for a potential client).

All of a sudden, what felt like it was going to be a smooth, simple project starts to feel like—dare I say it—a serious commitment.

It’s easy to see why people start work without one. And, sometimes, not having a contract might feel like the right thing to do.

…but that might not be the best move for every freelancer.

What do I need a contract for?

A contract outlines the agreement for whatever work you’re going to do. If someone asks you to design a logo for them, you can verbally agree to do the work and agree to a price and move on from there.

A written contract lays out the agreement so that everyone knows what the rules are at all times—preventing people from forgetting a price, payment date, or what they actually asked for or promised. #ByeAmnesia

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Will things go badly if I don’t have a contract?

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The decision to prepare a contract or not really comes down to how bad things could be if something goes very wrong. If you’re not sure what you have to lose or what kinds of things you should plan for right now, Side Hustle Business School has lessons on contracts that will help you think holistically about whether you should use contracts in your relationships with clients.

And you can check out a lesson on contracts for free.

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Where can I learn more about contracts for my side hustle?

These lessons are available on the Freelancer Track and the Content Creator Track—but you can check a few lessons out now on your free test drive.

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